Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen

Konsumen Cerdas Paham  Perlindungan Konsumen Smart Consumer Understanding of Konsumen Cerdas Paham  Perlindungan Konsumen in Indonesia often ignored so Smart Consumer Understanding Consumer Protection needs to be examined and supported. since 1999 have been spent N0.8 Act of 1999 on Consumer Protection (BFL). Konsumen Cerdas in Indonesia thus its position stronger rule of law and the rights protected rights. However, if the last position to be more secure? And then the consumer can afford to be passive because it was already protected?


After 6 Years enactment BFL, was the protection of the rights of Konsumen Cerdas Paham  Perlindungan Konsumen not to be significantly better, still a lot of activities and behaviors that have not been protecting businesses and especially favor the rights of konsumen.Hal This could happen because they do not know of BFL, Konsumen Cerdas know but do not care, because looking at the law in Indonesia can dibeli.Sementara it too hopeful to governments in order to protect it also has not been to law hukumnya.Hal bisa.Termasuk also because understanding among their own BFL is still very limited. Level of consumer cases are often handled public court not to Konsumen use an umbrella BFL, but the use of formal laws and konvensional.Padahal BFL should be able to function as a whole as a lex specialis for consumers jerseys in court cases.


In the position as stated above, it seems as Konsumen Cerdas can not just remain silent, passive and fully believe will be protected by the BFL tersebut.Konsumen must develop a critical attitude and the power of reason and wisdom will help avoid any risk in consuming goods and services. Here we will describe some issues related to foster a critical attitude and wise in consuming goods and jasa.dari this exposure we as consumers can be expected to be critical and wise in consuming goods and jasa. Konsumen Cerdas Paham  Perlindungan Konsumen will ultimately reduce the risk harmed by products goods and services consumed.

Fo Konsumen r that reason, it is important to always have in mind when consumers are planning to spend money on a product and / or services is whether the product to be purchased is a product needed (need) or just the desire (want). The dictionary of psychology, need is something that is related to the sense of deficiency that must be met. While want more towards Konsumen Cerdas the fulfillment of taste (James Drever, 1986:300,518). Because it involves Konsumen taste, it tends to be sesaat.Dan if taking a stance on the basis of desire is maintained then it will bring up a wasteful attitude. Meanwhile, if the attitude’s consumption is maintained on the basis of need, then the consumer will live more Konsumen Cerdas Paham  Perlindungan Konsumen  frugally and carefully

Konsumen Cerdas Paham  Perlindungan Konsumen

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